IT Flight Ops Solutions AB is a swedish company founded by a long time airline professional with a background in the IT industry.

The combination of extensive experience from both the airline flight operations line environment and the back office support functions with the insight into the possibilities of todays portable and borderless IT environment shows many opportunities for increased efficiency by the use of smart IT solutions.

One such solution is the DocBrowser Digital Document Distribution system which transformed what used to be endless time consuming and resource intensive paper revisions of manuals and operational guidance into one simple smart easy to configure electronic platform with automatic distribution to airplane installed Electronic Flight Bags and Personal Devices such as iPads and iPhones. Other useful tools that we have developed is the electronic reports and forms tool and also utilities for automatically parsing and storing ACARS load sheet data and SITA LDM messages into databases which then is used to automate analysis of airplane loading.

Looking at the processes throughout our business environments there are often opportunities where smart IT solutions can free resources and also increase control and efficiency. The result is very likely increased quality and reduced costs, both which is a necessity in todays competitive environment.

Although our solutions is mainly targeted at the specific needs of the highly quality controlled and regulated airline environment they can be targeted to any businesses with similar requirements.